Golden Wedding is the moment you celebrate your 50 years of marriage with your soul mate! It's a festive date, isn't it? Buy a beautiful evening dress and a costume worthy of this beautiful event then prepare a romantic and unforgettable appointment. You will be able to remember the good memories of your D-day, take out your wedding dress left in the closet, and review your video retracing all the moments of your magical day and enjoy again every detail of the chosen wedding decoration then.
The golden wedding means that you have shared a lifetime with your other half. Here's how to make a mark on this exceptional couple anniversary.

Why this name?
The golden wedding bears this name in honour of the precious metal, rare and resistant, which does not fear fire, according to a Chinese proverb. For having lived 50 years of marriage, we can indeed say that you have surpassed many tests and you are out of danger!
To celebrate this magical year, there's nothing stopping you from putting on a gorgeous white evening gown like a bridal outfit, going on a honeymoon or rephrasing wedding speech ideas for more than emotion! Your relationship has gone through so many stages that this event must be celebrated as it should!

Renew your wishes
What's more romantic than saying yes again, especially after 50 years! Prepare a beautiful text of love and launch yourself once again in the magic of your union! We can never get tired of hearing a "I love you" slipped between well-chosen love quotes.

A party between relatives
You can organize a small (or big) party for the occasion. Toasting with your loved ones to celebrate your 50 years together is almost reviving your D-Day. It's an opportunity to gather all the family and friends, children and grandchildren can help you in the preparations for the event, as in the good old days, or concoct a family trip for example? The Château de Saint-Martory is a fairytale line, ideal for renewing wishes in a unique setting!

Gold wedding rings
Give yourself new wedding rings in gold to symbolize these famous golden weddings! You have worn them so long! Give new life to the symbol of your union by buying new rings for both. If not, burn a beautiful phrase for marriage on the rings that you have always worn after cleaning them to give them a second life. If you care about the ones you have and do not want to touch them, treat yourself to another gold jewel such as a bracelet.

A photo album or video
Prepare a great album with a series of photos taken throughout your life together, from your engagement until now through your original wedding photos. You can also contact a photographer and indulge in a couple photo shoot like the one of the day D. Recreate some breaks from the past will allow you to make a "before-after" album.
If you prefer short videos to share on social networks with your loved ones, prefer a funny or romantic teaser retracing your love story with the help of a professional.

After so many years together, celebrating your golden anniversary is as important as organizing an original wedding. Madam can even afford to launch the bridal bouquet again if the nostalgia of the day of your union invades you. This is the opportunity to mark a half-century spent together, so let all your desires speak.

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