They say Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year… not at the Chateau de Saint-Martory! Our magical wedding venue in the south of France means every day is just as romantic as the last. Your wedding day should be the best, most special day of your life – and our magical wedding venue ensures that it will be.

So what makes the Chateau de Saint-Martory one of the most romantic wedding venues in France? Here are just 4 of an endless list of reasons why the Chateau de Saint-Martory is the wedding venue of your dream wedding.

1. Exquisite wedding venue with numerous rooms

How many people do you know that have got married in a castle? Not many we would assume! The Chateau de Saint-Martory is a historical monument full of spacious, beautifully furnished rooms that will be exclusively yours on your wedding day.

2. 100 Acres of stunning french countrysides

Our wedding venue is not just about the interiors. Your dream wedding is incomplete without breathtaking views. The Chateau de Saint-Martory is surrounded by 100 acres of beautiful french countryside, parkland, forests and the Pyrénées mountains as a backdrop! The view goes on for miles! This is what makes The Chateau de Saint-Martory one of the best wedding venues in the south of France.

3. Wedding venue with a history of romance

The Chateau de Saint-Martory wedding venue has a history of romance dating back to the 16th Century. Did you know Prince de Berghes married a princess in this very building and the current owner married his princess in 2016! The Chateau de Saint-Martory is truly a venue fit for royalty!

4. Dream weddings shouldn't come with stress...

At the Chateau de Saint-Martory we ensure that they don’t! Our team will ensure that every little detail is meticulously planned. No last minute stress will be coming your way. From the caterers and photographers, to the transport and accommodation – yes it seems a lot to think about, but this is all made simple when booking the Chateau de Saint-Martory as your wedding venue.

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Has Cupid shot you with his magic arrow this February and are you on the lookout for the perfect wedding venue? If you want a venue steeped in passion and romance of Valentine’s Day, then look no further! Our wedding venue is the location your dream wedding is missing. Romance guaranteed all year round!