“Our Wedding in Chateau Saint Martory”

Our wedding in Saint-Martory was everything we imagine it to be…..and more! We cannot thank the team at the Chateau enough for what they did to assist us with making our day so special. Not only is this a wonderful location, the team there give you more than they need to in order to help you plan and to help you bring it all together at the end. Not only that, if you are looking for a wedding that really shows off the best of France, this is the place to do it. The Chateau itself is absolutely surrounding! Alongside that, you get all the surrounding areas which will keep continue to amaze you every day that you are there!

There are so many options here for how to set up your event, there is a lot of space, outbuildings, farm house, courtyard, barns etc. We utilised a lot of them for our wedding and the photos were stunning. Make sure you use the knowledge of the team onsite (Jean-François, Patrick and Angie) who can ensure you make the best decision on how you utilise this location. They really are experts and advised and supported us on the whole organisation, even topics which were not under their direct responsibility. They give you more than they need to which you do not hear to often when organising events!

If you enjoy good food and wine, you will not beat this region. We also used a local chef (Jean-Pierre) for our wedding, upon the advice of the Chateau, and we received so many compliments from our guests. If you have the opportunity to work with him, don’t hesitate to do so, you will not regret it!

Staying in the Chateau, you also have the daily support of Patrick who will be available for you for all of your needs. He really is the soul of the Chateau and he made ourselves and our families so at home, it really added a lot to our experience. Also, if you are looking to organise a wedding, you should utilise Angela (Angie). She is exactly the person you need on the ground to make things happen. She is organised, committed and contributed tremendously to our wedding. You also have the owner of the Chateau, Jean-François, who provides expertise with all the suppliers and contracts, is also full of great idea’s! The whole team at the Chateau really do bring this place to life.

We can’t wait to go back there again in the future! “

If this testimonial convinced you, do not hesitate to contact us at info@saintmartory.com, we would be happy to host your wedding in a fairytail Chateau!