Add some favorite childhood memories

For many people, marriage is the gateway to adult life. You could add some fun and childhood pleasures to the party. For this, nothing more simple: install a Candy Bar in the reception room and offer popcorn at will! On the wedding side, use cartoon characters and acid colours. And, for an atmosphere to match your theme, don’t forget to ask the DJ to play all the songs from your childhoods!

An original wedding

Transport your guests to your romantic world. For an original and moving wedding, punctuate your party with unexpected animations. A release of lanterns, for example, is an original idea that will appeal to children and adults alike. Also, when exiting  the church, forget the rice and the rose petals, make room for the soap bubbles!

Unusual transport

If for you, the traditional classic car transporting the bride is a little too old-fashioned, nothing prevents you from proposing an alternative means of travel. Forget the limousine and bring in the  vespa! And if the scooter is not surprising enough for you, think of other means of transport such as rollers blades, a bike or, why not, even a helicopter! You can also choose to join the reception hall on foot: in this case, equipe each participant in the procession with a coloured balloon. Guaranteed visual effect! Of course, also plan a few cars to transport the most reluctant or the most fragile people!

Role reversal

In a marriage, certain elements seem to be settled in advance. And if, for your original marriage, you reversed the roles? For example, you can ask your grandmothers to be your bridesmaids: they will surely be delighted and the photos will provide touching memories! If you like this idea, you can also offer a bouquet to the groom, he would probably love to turn his back to the guests and throw it over his shoulder!

Bring on the BBQ!

Do you find that wedding meals often tend to drag on and it is sometimes a little too formal? So, the idea of the barbecue should please you! Canapes of skewered beef accompanied with a White Rum Planter’s punch and a ‘spit roast piglet’ slowly barbecued by a professional. A friendly atmosphere guaranteed for your original wedding!

You're lucky, at Château de Saint-Martory we work with the best butcher in the region who can organise a barbecue for your wedding! Contact us to have his menu and all the details at info@saintmartory.com