Say again "yes" by renewing your wedding vows!

The day of your wedding was certainly exceptional: the ceremony in front of the mayor, the wine of honor to drink at your union and the crazy evening to celebrate, so many memories jostle in your head. It was so wonderful that you would like to relive it. Here are 5 tracks.

1. A unique party venue to renew your wedding vows
The trend of renewal of marriage vows comes from the United States. Knowing the taste of our cousins across the Atlantic for entertainment and fun, you can easily imagine that it is also and above all a party! It is therefore possible to redo a wedding ceremony with dress and exchange of alliances.

There are 1001 ways to renew your union. An 500 years old castle perfectly renovated is the perfect venue. If you dreamed at the time of your wedding, to exchange your rings abroad but your budget didn’t allow it, it may be possible today!

Take with you some close friends and your parents, for that do not forget to send them a travel invitation in the form of plane ticket for example.

2. Say yes in THE dress
Does your wedding dress always hang in your closet? Why not reuse it by customizing it? Cutting the sleeves or keeping only the skirt, for example. You will have a different outfit with a touch of nostalgia to unite you a second time.

3. Exchange of rings
Have your covenants gotten old? Why not choose new ones? You can also melt your rings with those of your parents and / or grandparents. Symbolic and very romantic!

4. Renewing vows: the question of children
Did you have children after your wedding? Let your daughter become your bridesmaid or your boy the covenant bearer. They are too big to play these roles? Why not ask them to be your witnesses for this renewal of wedding vows? They will certainly feel very honored.

5. Personalized greetings
Take the time to reflect on personalized wishes that express all the nuances of your love and make it unique. This moment will certainly be even more moving than during your wedding.

One last tip: do not forget to immortalize this moment by a photographer. In a few years, this day will also be a beautiful memory!

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