Swimming pool

The chateau’s heated swimming pool (16/6 meters) is open from May until October and is the ideal place to enjoy those precious and rare moments of “farniente”.

The pool is situated inside a fenced (walled) parcel, about 50 meters away from the chateau’s tower.

Inside that parcel lies our orchard. You will enjoy tasting our organic berries, cherries, plums, apples, pears, apricots, figs and more from June until September.

Next to the pool, an old greenhouse was converted into a very convenient pool-house, equipped with a functional kitchen and a toilet. Barbecuing  by the pool is a must. It will bring joy and laughter to your group along with those traditional, « manly » comments on the best ways to light a fire …

The pool area is the vibrant heart of the property during the summer days, but also in spring and parts of the autumn. And it is a beautiful setting for a Sunday brunch, following a wedding.