Discover the Gastronomy in Midi-Pyrénées

Gastronomy can be a reason ample enough to stay in Midi-Pyrenees. In our region, gluttony is a culture that is shared by all and the passion for “good things” is part of our everyday life.

Our region of southern France is one of many culinary traditions, rich of exceptional produces, typical markets and top quality restaurants. On this sun-drenched land of flavors, Gastronomy has been elevated to the rank of “great site” in Midi-Pyrénées, a great site that is not limited to a place because it is everywhere, starting in fields and vineyards, passing through farms and markets, rising in the restaurants and making your happiness at every moment.



The region is the first in France for organic farming in terms of area, and is at the forefront of the battle for healthy food. It has launched its own Food Quality Fair (SISQA in Toulouse) and has 120 products under official quality markings (AOC / PDO, Label Rouge, IGP, AB). Among them, the Chasselas grape, the pink garlic of Lautrec, the cabecou of Rocamadour or the lamb of Quercy.

Regional gastronomy, proudly served in a large number of good restaurants, reaches its apogee with Michelin-starred chefs. Midi-Pyrénées is home to 26 young audacious talents or exceptional personalities sometimes greeted by 3 stars like Michel Bras in Laguiole (Aveyron), or 2 stars like Michel Sarran and Yannick Delpech in Toulouse, and Bernard Bach in Pujaudran (Gers).

Land of vineyards, Midi-Pyrénées produces wines that perfectly accompany regional cuisine, including AOC Cahors, Gaillac, Madiran, Marcillac and Fronton, not to mention the prestigious Armagnac made in Gascony in the country of d’Artagnan and the three Musketeers.

The foie gras is our most famous product and a Must serve for all the great French Chefs. It is officially part of the cultural and gastronomic heritage of France since 2006. Consumed since ancient Rome, it can be eaten raw, half-cooked or cooked

Our most famous dish is cassoulet: a rich stew made of white beans, goose or duck, mutton and pork sausages. Better served in winter times than during our warm summer days…

Midi-Pyrenees is also home to an incredible variety of produces or dishes ranging from garbure, hearty soups, refined pâtés and confits, to Quercy lamb, Gascon black pig, Roquefort and several other notable cheeses  such as the Bleu des Causses, the Fourme de Laguiole, the Tomme des Pyrénées and the Rocamadour. Without forgetting the amazing mushrooms of our mountainous regions and the king Black Truffle.

To discover, to explore and to taste : here is that summarizes well the Gastronomy of our beloved Midi Pyrénées region.

Chateau de Saint-Martory is the perfect place to discover our gastronomy. We can help you with everything around Gastronomy, a wine or armagnac tasting, a 100% cheese dinner, the hire of a private chef or the services of our amazing local butcher for a giant BBQ.

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