Why you should choose a French castle for your wedding ?

Why choose a French Chateau to get married ?

Wedding room, manor, restaurant, inn or castle ? When you begin organizing your wedding you will quickly realize that the first step, after your announcement and the choice of the date, is to pick “the” place. It is a fundamental decision that will determine all the others.

It is therefore essential to choose the domain according to your own wishes.

The location is the key to a successful marriage. It will stand out not only in the photos and videos but will also have a major place in your memories and those of your family and friends.

The choice of the property is often the result of a “coup de Coeur.” The ideal place has to offer some freedom in terms of organization (the choice of service providers for example) but also a friendly owner and staff dedicated to making your wedding as easy and fun as possible.

Choosing a chateau for your wedding guarantees a special atmosphere. The history of France combines with that of the families who lived in the building and of the persons who run the properties today.

Another practical advantage when choosing a castle is you will have very little decoration to consider ! The magical setting is already in place.

For a day and an evening, you will be the king and queen of the castle in a place with a family spirit. This will greatly contribute to the atmosphere of your wedding.

In recent years, chateau de Saint-Martory has become the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding.

Surrounded by huge gardens and 40 hectares of tree plantations as well as countless rural buildings, Chateau de Saint-Martory offers an unsurpassed setting for your wedding vows, cocktail reception, dinner, party and of course, the wedding photos.

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