Tour de France once again passing near Chateau de Saint-Martory

We are pleased to inform you that the Tour de France will once again pass near the Château de Saint-Martory on Thursday, July 13 and Friday, July 14, 2017.

Stage 12, on Thursday the 13Th, will be the longest of the Pyrénées sequence (215 kms) and will require a brutal performance during the ascent of the col de Menté and the rise of the Port of Balès for a “make or break” finish at Peyragudes.

In contrast, stage 13 will be the shortest in years, 100 kilometers precisely. However, following the previous day’s efforts and knowing the variety of ascents and downhill in this specific part of the Pyrénées, stage 13 could be the one that confirms the Maillot June or create a massive surprise. All bets are open!

The passage of the TDF near Saint-Martory is always a great time for our cyclists guests who will come and ride in the Pyrénées. This year we are proud to welcome two groups of cyclists. The first one from the USA, but with a Quebecois twist. The second group coming all the way from Australia.

If you are a bike fan, we would be delighted to welcome you too, next year perhaps. Also, don’t hesitate to come off-season as spring and fall offer amazing nature and great weather to ride around Saint-Martory.

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