best chateau venue for your wedding in the south of france rent it for your wedding chateau de saint-martory. The ultra violet, purple shade is the trend colour for 2018, according to Pantone. Integrate it into your wedding!

The ultra violet, purple shade will be the trend colour for 2018, according to Pantone. Integrate it into your wedding!

Every year, the Pantone Institute, creator of the color standard, Pantone Inc., has unveiled what will be the trend color for 2018. On this occasion, the ultra violet (Ultra Violet: 18-3838) emerged victorious and promises to participate actively in weddings for the year to come.

To justify this choice, Pantone uses three words: “originality, ingenuity and visionary”. They insist that the colour suggests, “The mysteries of the cosmos and the discoveries beyond what we are now, the sky and the night, vast and boundless, are inspiring symbols of growth, from which anything is possible. A sample of the desire to conquer a world beyond ours. ”

With the new year just starting, ultra violet is the protagonist of all kinds of events related to fashion, beauty and decoration. The colour represents timelessness and brings its revolutionary mark into our daily lives.

In the words of the Pantone Institute “violet is enigmatic and has always symbolized the counterculture, breaking with conventions and artistic trends. Music icons such as Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix have shades of ultra violet at the forefront of western pop culture, as a personal expression of singularity. With many nuances and emotions, the depth of Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-compliance, helping people to imagine their footprint in the world and to surpass their creative limits. ”

“This colour sheds light on creative and sensory abilities, allows us to explore new technologies and galaxies in the universe to find new artistic and spiritual strengths in us. All this is part of the cosmos present in the tone, ” says Pantone.

For weddings, the ultra violet purple shade can be used for decoration on invitations, table linen, flowers and furniture, bringing a mystical aura for 2018. Brides can add a touch of purple to their bouquet, traditionally white or cream flowers.  Guests have a great palette of colour with which to choose their outfit!

After the new name of Pantone, Green Greenery (Greenery, 15-0343), which reigned in 2017, and which symbolized the new beginning and freshness of spring,  ultra violet, has the same feeling of purity, but with a little more ambition, constant discovery and mystery. Do you dare to use ultra violet for your big day?

At the Chateau of Saint-Martory, some of our guests have already dared this colour for their wedding!

Surrounded by 30 hectares of tree plantations on a 40 hectare plot, this 500-year old french chateau is a perfect example of early French Renaissance. It really is the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding in the south of France. Chateau de Saint-Martory’s idyllic scenery provide an unsurpassed setting for the best day of your life.