Five elegant living spaces

The living areas include two dining rooms, a living room, a fully functional office/business center and a billiard/games room.

The historical Guard’s Room (Salle des Gardes) has merely changed over the past five centuries. Initially a room where the castle‘s personnel cooked and guards came seeking some comfort by its massive fireplace, it has become the primary dining room and remains the true heart of the Chateau.

The Formal (Yellow) Dining Room is a very elegant place for an exclusive Gala dinner. It can also be converted into a conference room with a capacity of 30 to 40 participants.

The Red Living Room is a perfect example of XIXth century Gothic Revival. The massive chimney was redone at the time, based on an existing model from Chateau de Blois in the Loire valley. The addition of wooden paneling by the Architect Ruprich Robert gives a very warm feeling to this « salon » which is often used for drinks/aperitif before dinner.

The Office, formerly a chapel, is located at the ground floor of the main tower. It is a quiet space for work, communications and reading. It offers reliable, high speed wi-fi access and a printer, along with a widescreen TV with hundreds of channels available.

Located on the chateau’s top floor, the Billiard Room is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Armagnac after dinner. It is also the chateau’s screening room : its large television set has access to major international channels through satellite connection, and guests enjoy a large choice of DVDs.