Get married in the winter

Who never dreamed of getting married during the winter, in France, knee-deep in the snow?

Even though brides and grooms usually prefer to get married in the spring and summer, more and more couples are choosing an off-season wedding, a courageous choice that deserves consideration!

In addition to allowing lovers to save some money (the reception areas and other providers offer attractive prices during these periods), the wedding in winter offers a few nice surprises and some beautiful ideas for decoration.

Here are some advantages of an off-season wedding:

Wedding photos in the snow

If you are lucky enough to get married under a few flakes, take the opportunity to immortalize the moment and pose in this romantic landscape. The rendering and the memories will be all the more beautiful!

Getting married in France

One of the most important things to remember when planning your marriage is always the location. Another nice idea for winter weddings is to choose an atypical place for the wedding ceremony, or the dinner and party, such as a French chateau. The advantage with the French countryside and its magnificent scenery is that you’re sure of your choice. But a chateau will always add a great twist to the whole thing!

A “furry” bride

Another positive point of getting married in winter is that the bride now has a very good pretext to choose nice accessories: false fur coat, wool shawl, waistcoat, gloves … or be original with the dress itself: a dress with pretty long sleeves, or a very beautiful wool vest will be superb under the snow, and will preserve you from the cold!

A trendy and original wedding decoration

You will be surprising your friends with a trendy choice of dates! And yes, the winter is full of fun ideas for your tables and the reception spaces: wood logs, forest animals, leaves, fur… the possibilities are numerous and especially inexpensive.

Of course you will need to adapt to the ambient temperature. If your guests suffer from the cold, this will be felt in the overall vibe of the event! If you haven’t chosen a closed and equipped reception area, do not forget to provide sufficient heaters (at Chateau de Saint-Martory we have several « heating mushrooms » to keep you and your guests warm).

Do not hesitate to plan a few plaids to warm up their shoulders. Arranged on the backs of the dining chairs, or in a pretty trunk near a fireplace. Success guaranteed!

Original wedding bars

Finally, getting married in winter also allows you to play originality with regard to wedding bars. Exit the candy and lemonade bars and hello to tea bars, coffee or hot chocolate stands. A nice way to warm your guests and surprise them!

If this is the case for absolutely all marriages, weather should be managed carefully. Winter weather is even more unpredictable than during the summer. So even if you plan to celebrate your ceremony outdoors, remember to secure a solid alternative in case of bad weather. A barn, a pretty tent or a winter garden? And don’t forget to put some pretty transparent umbrellas at your friends’ disposal.

Chateau de Saint-Martory’s idyllic scenery can provide an unsurpassed setting for your wedding vows, cocktail reception, dinner, party and of course, the wedding photos, and we often have snow in the winter!

Located at the footstep of the Pyrenees mountains, we are available for exclusive, real weddings.

We would be delighted to welcome you to Saint-Martory. Discover our chateau through our website, and come and visit it as soon as you wish.