2017 Wedding Trends

Themes, decoration, colors, animations… Here are some of the latest trends we are witnessing at Chateau de Saint-Martory that will help you organize a wedding in the air of time. Surrounded by 40 hectares of tree plantations, our 500-year old french chateau is the perfect location for your event.

In 2017, the retro trend predominates once again, as was the case over the past four years with a Scandinavian touch and a Bohemian-Chic spirit. This time however the design is more refined and focused on a natural ambiance and lots vintage accessories, especially the dishware. The industrial trend for a contemporary wedding and factory-style design is very popular today !

But don’t discard Tropical Chic just yet. Exotic colors are “in”, especially for table centers much all sorts of exotic flowers. And don’t hesitate to add green touches everywhere and to abuse of candles and lanterns for the warm side.


Still in fashion, the Do It Yourself (DIY) trend continues to please the newlyweds who see the opportunity to create a more personalized decor while saving money. What they like most: the fingerprint tree, family photo frames, directional panels to guide guests, and original gifts as souvenirs, (what a change from traditional “dragées”) such as jars of jam or other homemade products, fun collector glasses, panama hats etc.

Connected weddings

Weddings are going live online. This year there is more sharing, especially with the Instagram photobooths (with Instagram frames created especially for the wedding and hashtags to publish a photo in real time).

Connected weddings actually begin a long time before the marriage date as the bride and groom now often create their own blog to enter all the information related to the marriage (address, access, dates, schedules etc…).

The big novelty in 2017 is the interactive table plan that allows the bride and groom to customize it at the last minute using geo-localization tools and sending SMS messages to the guests. For those of you who have had a nervous breakdown moving name cards around 10 minutes before dinner, this is a tool that arrives too late J.

Always improving animations

Among the new animations that everybody would love for the cocktail party, the “silhouettiste” comes high on the list. A sketch of all your guests is a great gift and creates a special atmosphere, Montmartre-style.  

The madness of bars also continues. The Candy bar is dead, long live the lemonade and smoothies bar. The cigar bar is also hot. And let’s not forget the tattoo bar that for ephemeral tattoos on D-Day and of course the traditional food-trucks that keep reinventing themselves.

New colors

For this new season, the combination of gold and coral, and blue and mustard yellow is popular for the decoration. These new color codes are used for both the table decoration and the stationery.

Winter weddings

Winter weddings are the new fashion and are probably here to stay. Winter provides for a magical atmosphere, with a completely new slate in terms of color and decoration codes. And, as they take place in low season, the rates of winter weddings are much better!


Chateau de Saint-Martory provides an unsurpassed setting for your wedding vows, cocktail reception, dinner, party and of course, the wedding photos.

We are at the cutting edge of wedding fashion, despite our 500 years of history, and will host our first winter wedding this year.

We can adapt to your wishes and will help you create the wedding of your dreams.

We hope to see you soon !